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O.k. sea-glass lovers, you have to check out the photos linked within this article.

The article is interesting as well, but it’s the beautiful sea glass photos and the bits of history about them in this piece that caught my attention. If you are wondering where some of your own sea glass pieces may have originated, you might get a clue in this piece.

Also, how fun would it be to go to a sea glass museum? http://www.pressherald.com/news/Maine_woman_wants_to_build_a_world-glass_collection_from_the_sea_.html?pagenum=2


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After going through a major life change which involved changes at home and in my work life I’ve figured out a way to balance my love of sea glass and jewelry making with the rest of my personal and professional responsibilities. I am happy to say I will be showing my work at the Hingham Farmer’s Market at least once a month starting in May of 2011. This time, my aunt will be joining me and adding an entire new dimension to the sea glass. While all of our pieces will have sea glass and I still focus on wire wrapping using recycled sterling silver, my aunt has a great sense of color and uses beads to compliment the wire wrapped sea glass. I’ll be posting pictures again soon as well as sharing more about the hunt. It’s a warm spring day and the sea glass is calling!


Hingham Farmers Market


MAY: 5/14 
JUNE: 6/11                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    JULY: 7/23 
AUGUST: 8/13                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        SEPTEMBER: 9/10                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        OCTOBER: 10/1    & 10/15   & 10/29 

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I sorted through pounds of sea glass in the last few months.

It has been a time of transition in my personal life. I have d-cluttered with the same energy I nested with when I became a mother. Now though I am pairing down. Everywhere I seem to see where I have collected, held, saved and clung to so much. Too much. More than I want or need.

I cleared the closet of the white blouse I wore at dinner the night before I was married as well as the pink sandals I wore. I got rid of the platform sandals I wore with my wedding dress. I even gave away the red and gray flannel shirt I wore the day my Nana died. It always made me think of the day she died and not of her or her life. So, with so much clearing and with new eyes I looked at my collection.

In my early days of collecting I picked up every piece of teal or aqua or purple I found regardless of how rough the edges were or how clear the glass was. At first I held on to every piece saying, “I can use these to show the difference between ready and uncooked sea glass.” Then I thought these less than jewelry quality pieces could be used for mosaics or wind chimes.

But, years later, I have decided I need not hold to what if. If what if happens I will find what I need. So, I went to beach with a full bucket of sea glass. There were bottle necks that were sharp and bottle tops and clear glass with letters or numbers that made them seem as though I must grab them.

And in truth, there was the hunger, the type which can’t be filled unless it is overfed. Instead of waiting, trusting and knowing I’ll find the pieces that are ready when they and I are ready, I rushed and filled my hands too soon with junk that wasn’t quite what I wanted or needed.

So, there will be more sea glass in future years for me and other hunters. Maybe I will recognize an old piece or two. My daughter who was with me wants to check the beach daily to see how much the glass has transformed and how far the ocean will pull each piece. We will let the ocean do her magic and appreciate the clear space where there is enough room to figure what is needed next.

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There are small bits of pottery shards in one bowl. There are light blue, purple and white pieces of milk glass in a vase. In tiny candle holders are my prized bits of red sea glass as well as a larger bowl with all of the dark blue glass. On the fireplace mantle there is a collection of bottle necks in mostly thick white (all sizes) as well as some blue, brown and green and one turquoise one as well).

These bits of sea glass hanging around my living room as the wind chills through a closed window and the snow accumulates warm my spirit. It’s a harsh feeling winter and the light and bright colors are a boost. I haven’t been creating much jewelry but I’ve been touching and moving around sea glass and it feels good. There’s a pile of sea glass and huge shells together on what I think was originally meant to be a cake display plate.


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These are a huge hit with reader, book club members and people giving gifts to teachers. They were popular at the craft fair. And, people are being so careful with money this year. I am sure it helps that they are a low cost item. Here are some pictures:

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I hear from many people who have a lot of sea glass but don’t know how and don’t want to know how to make jewelry. What they want to know is how to make the most of the collection they already have which far too often ends up in a bag, a drawer or in the trash after hours, years or even decades of collecting. You don’t have to be a jewelry person or a decorating guru to make it look pretty. Here are some easy and simple ideas. Also, if it’s getting cold where you are (as it is where I am) it’s nice to pull our your treasures and think of the sun, sand and beach. Here are some ideas:




If you have any simple display ideas you’d like to share, please do, and if you give permission for me to post them I will.

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O.k., so these ornaments have been a blast to make. They are fun and fairly simple but require some chunky pieces of sea glass. So far, the triangle shapes work best. I know some trees are more round but they don’t seem to translate that shape and look winterish when I attempt a rounder shape. you’ll see one or two photos below where I’ve tried.

Also, for many of the trees I did use some gold coated copper wire which is a departure from my usual recycled sterling silver. These are so fun because they can be hung on a tree, in a window, attached to a pin and worn on a coat and I’ve left a bale for those who want to wear them as necklaces. They are fun and unique gifts and I’ve enjoyed making them. Here are my recent creations. At this time of year, I get bogged down in the crafting and have trouble maintaining my blog. I apologize to those of you who check my site regularly. I like to post weekly at least and it seems monthly is what I’m getting to do.

Here are some photos of the trees.

I sell my trees from $9.99 to $14.99 depending on the size/shape of the sea glass and color as well as the sterling silver used and the beads/crystals. I want them to be affordable as the economy is hitting people so hard this year.

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