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O.k., so these ornaments have been a blast to make. They are fun and fairly simple but require some chunky pieces of sea glass. So far, the triangle shapes work best. I know some trees are more round but they don’t seem to translate that shape and look winterish when I attempt a rounder shape. you’ll see one or two photos below where I’ve tried.

Also, for many of the trees I did use some gold coated copper wire which is a departure from my usual recycled sterling silver. These are so fun because they can be hung on a tree, in a window, attached to a pin and worn on a coat and I’ve left a bale for those who want to wear them as necklaces. They are fun and unique gifts and I’ve enjoyed making them. Here are my recent creations. At this time of year, I get bogged down in the crafting and have trouble maintaining my blog. I apologize to those of you who check my site regularly. I like to post weekly at least and it seems monthly is what I’m getting to do.

Here are some photos of the trees.

I sell my trees from $9.99 to $14.99 depending on the size/shape of the sea glass and color as well as the sterling silver used and the beads/crystals. I want them to be affordable as the economy is hitting people so hard this year.


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Sea Glass Jewelry, Bookmarks & Ornaments

Winter Craft Festival

Saturday, December 5th


The one craft fair I am doing this winter is in December. The location is the Lincoln Hancock School in Quincy MA. There will be several vendors. The Lincoln Hancock School is a large school situated on a one-way street (Granite Street), but the large parking lot and cafeteria are located in the back on the school on Water Street.  The best address to use to find the back location is 319 Water Street (not the physical address) – then look for the large school and parking lot across from Kincaide Park. 

My bookmarks and pendants are on sale at the Hingham Coop. Starting in December I will also have ornaments on sale as well.

It’s a little cold and busy for sea glass hunting but these here and there warm days are delightful!



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To buy my necklaces, ornaments and earrings, please go to the Hingham Coop http://thehinghamcoop.com

or contact me at 617-962-0036 to place an order.

I’m finished at the Hingham Farmers Market for the rest of the season though I will be back in the spring.
Sea Glass girl

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