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Check this out!!!!

My aunt has only been beading for a few months and has incredible talent. And she’s only been sea glass wire wrapping for weeks and has made a few wire wraps. But, can you see how pretty the sea glass is and how nice it looks against a pale palette? There are no two ways to make art. There are lots of similar styles and people certainly borrow ideas from each other. But, the act of creation makes each and every piece unique and when someone adds their own flair it just shines. I love this!


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My aunt came for a visit the week before last. I showed her some basic wire wrapping techniques. She’s been making incredible jewelry with beads. She has an eye for color and detail and I’m sure this is because she is a painter. Anyhow, she found an ivory pendant that had a shell shine. She wire wrapped a piece of sea glass and the teal color looked incredible against the off-white background. It was so pretty. She madeĀ a necklace with the same off-white tones as well as adding more color. It was a stand-out piece.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to making sea glass jewelry. I’ll ask her to take a picture of her necklace and see if I can post it here.

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