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Learn to Make Your Own Sea Glass Pendants, Earrings & Bookmarks in one of my 3-week clinics at the Hanover or Stoughton YMCA or with a private lesson:.

YMCA Evening Classes in Hanover and Stoughton:

Hanover, MA (or Mill Pond) YMCA Monday Nights, Sept. 14, 21, 28                  Cost:$ 59  for members & $89. for non members

http://ssymca.org/pdf/MP_PgmGuide_Fall09.pdf (pg. 14), www.ssymca.org 

 Kim@ssymca.org at Englecontact Kim

 Stoughton, MA YMCA Fri. Nights    Oct. 2nd, 9th & 23rd             Cost:$50. for members & $80. for non members

781-341-2016   www.oldcolonyymca.org

In any of these 3-week clinics you will learn basic wire-wrapping skills in order to make your own jewelry to give or keep. Once you know how to make pendants, earrings and bookmarks, you will have the ability to make your own charms, anklets and sea glass ornaments as well. Dust off the sea glass sitting in jars and bottles and make some gems for you and your loved ones.

Private workshops are $40. for 2 hours. I supply white sea glass, tools, glass beads and wire for up to four people (or $10. per person). If you want recycled sterling silver wire or crystal beads it’s $60. for the 2 hours (or $15. per person). Contact me at 617-962-0036/


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The home created last week out of stones from our local beach is now on the World Beach Project website.
Check it out:


Unfortunately, our little balloon pin is in the water in MA (off the coast of Scituate) rather than on the land. Small details and close enough. Fun. Fun.

If you are near a beach and want to make a stone project ALL are welcome!

Sea Glass Girl (who had to hold back from making windows and a roof out of sea glass) and learn to appreciate the other beauty and bounty at the beach!

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I know I’m a bit obsessed with sea glass. But, there’s a lot of stunning flowers I see in my own tiny yard. Many of them I planted years ago. Some though are brand new blossoms given from friends and neighbors. One friend in particular, M., gave me some ideas and a plant last year so I have to share these photos. The center of a flower is so intricate and delicate but the hardiness of the plants rained on, overheated and transplanted more times than they have any say in are inspirational.

garden 2 09garden 1 09garden 4 09garden 7 09garden 6 09garden 11 09garden 5 09garden 10 09garden 13 09garden 12 09

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Taking in the Sky

clouds 09clouds 03Sometimes I do stop and look up at the amazing sky while collecting sea glass. I’m never sorry for slowing down and taking in the sky.

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In the summer, hunting and making jewelry (and watching my daughter) and working take up a lot of time. So, I’m not able to post as much and I’m a fan of blogs that are current. So, I try to keep this site fresh with photos. Here are a few news ones of some recent creations. Most sold at the last market so I’m glad I got pictures.

earrings purplebluesbrown newblues 2

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My daughter has saved for a camera for over a year. She purchased it and took this photo. heart rock 2



My wonderful friend and neighbor artist told me about this World Beach Project and it’s a fabulous concept. People from all over the world are making designs on beaches using ONLY rocks. Anyhow, here is what my daughter did at the end of the project. If you want to find out more about the project here is the link: www.vam.ac.uk/collections/textiles/lawty/world_beach

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