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 I meet so many people at the Farmers Market with their own supply of sea glass. For those looking for ways to use their sea glass, here are a few more ideas:

Sea Shell Wind Chime


Shell Mirror – which I think can be done with sea glass or instead of shells using only sea glass


Shell or Sea Glass Mirror or Frame


Sea Glass Window


Another mobile



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The Hingham Farmers Market opens tomorrow! I can’t wait to buy fresh jam, fruits, veggies and my all-time favorite Best Damn Granola – I need a fix.

‘m happy to say Seaglass Arts will be there each Sat. through August. I’ll have necklaces and earrings and charms (to add to your own anklet, bracelet or charm collection) tomorrow as well as info. about the classes I’ll be teaching this summer at the Hanover YMCA. 

If you haven’t been to Hingham Farmers Market, check out their direct link for details! http://www.hinghamfarmersmarket.org/themarket.html

In a few weeks I’ll have posters and cards, framed and not, with or without sea glass charms as well.

Catch of the Day: It feels like summer!

Seaglass Girl

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Eyes new and blurry from sleep. The ocean has on too much perfume. The mussel shells mix with the sea weed, the Irish Moss and mildew shells. The fish must not have showered. Boats are all overturned as though asleep.

It’s spring on dry land with the yellow iris blooming next to the pink azalea. The a nd lily’s emerge from the ground and launches inches a day it seems. Even the lavender seems to stretch her arms grabbing more ground to cover before she pulls out her fine feathery purple hat. The pink rain of petals from the trees blow through the green grass.

The beach still feels cold and raw, like late fall or early winter when it’s too cool to be in bare feet and the wind climbs down the back of any sweater or sweat shirt. The icy chill of water says not yet to bathing suits, beach balls and more feet on the sand.

I step onto the beach and see a piece of pinkish purple. When I lift it I see it is engraved. The pattern in stunning and intricate, a daisy like pattern inside a star with twenty points. All of this on a piece of glass not much wider than my thumb. What an early morning treasure.

I find an assortment of browns in many shapes and sizes and tints. The palm sized and thick to the child’s finger nail. There are many whites, almost translucent and to be thrown back as well as small and thick and rounded at all edges. There is a thick white bottle base and a lighter sharper beach glass piece with grooves and pattern which will make a stunning piece of jewelry. There is a second purple, plain and hearty, as well as a perfect aqua so pretty it looks unreal. Some pieces are still wet in my hand, having not had the chance to dry as there is no sun and the water only recently deposited them here. 

It is less than an hour but I am full, a grown woman playing hide and seek with the sea glass and a kind mother nature always places pieces like moms on easter, so that the child can have fun looking but also always does find. 

Catch of the Day: The sleepy ocean letting me visit

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Does the ocean play?It was the first thought on my mind when I woke up. I had dreams of whales and dolphins and sharks. They were swimming and some were jumping. I was thinking of how much life there is IN the ocean, even the birds that don’t live in it but find food or just swim.

Tides change. The water moves in relation to storms and currents. Is it always bending to the will of nature or industry? Does a wave ever say, I’m going to go that way? Does the water ever say in protest, I will not move when it is so fluid?

Does the water itself have emotion?Really, funny morning first thoughts. The ocean holds so much life but does the water itself have function only or freedom as well?

Curious first morning thoughts.

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Quick note to say I’m proud to have my jewelry at the Hingham Historical Society in Hingham, MA starting this week. Here’s the gift shop website:

http://www.hinghamhistorical.org/  34 Main Street at Old Derby Academy All Year 2009, Tues. – Sat., 11 AM to 3 PM

Here are some of the pieces I have at the gift shop The prices range from $24.99 to $31.99 and the chains that are silver are all sterling silver and the silver colored wire wrap is recycled sterling silver.











































































 That’s a sample of my work. Thanks for visiting this site.

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