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Hi Everyone,
I’m creating a page with photos and posts from readers. If you have jewelry or crafts you want to display (I’ll use your name of course if you give me permission), please send them along.

If you know of some great resources to buy wire, or findings or if you have sea glass you can’t use and want to sell, this is a place you can do it.

My email is seaglassarts@gmail.com and you can also leave a link!

There’s a Sea Glass Lovers Page and I’ll add links and resources too.


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The National Sea Glass Associ (NSGA) is having the 2010 festival in MA on the Cape. YES! YES! YES! It will be in October and details are not yet finalized but the location is set. Yippee. This is great news for all New England and especially South Shore and Cape Cod sea glass lovers and fantatics! When more info. is up on the site I’ll post a link. If you want to check out the NSGA site, here’s the link. The info. for last year’s festival is still up though so don’t get confused.


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Etsy is the amazon.com site for crafts. If you want to see what other people are doing with sea glass check out these links below. Turns out the ones I love the most are by the same few set of artists. These are amazing pieces of art work and incredible pieces of sea glass. The prices are pretty astronomical too but it’s still fun to view.

It’s endless what can be done with sea glass. It looks like these artists are as good at crafting metals and making design as they are at setting pieces of sea glass.










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Here are some great resource sites about sea glass for those with the sea glass obsession/bug/passion!

http://www.seaglassassociation.org/  –  North American Sea Glass Association

 http://www.ehow.com/way_5187566_places-seaglass.html  –  Places to Find Sea Glass on ehow site

 http://www.seaglassjournal.com/ – The Sea Glass Journal

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I’ve been bookmark and ornament happy this holiday season. Here are samples of the bookmarks I’ve made. I have to say these are a fun and practical gift to make and to give. They are pleasing to the eye, look good even if the sea glass is a funky shape as it isn’t worn on the neck but adorned on a book.

Also, if you want to try wire wrapping and don’t want to put a lot of pressure on yourself these are forgiving. They don’t require a lot of wire, look good in gold-coated wire or the recycled sterling silver and some “perfectly imperfect” pieces of sea glass can be used.

Anyhow, I’ll be getting back to regular blogging in 2010. My personal life took front and center for a good while in 2009. But, regular postings, sharing on the ways I work with wire and what I learn from the sea glass hunting will be on the blog.

Enjoy the winter, the start of the days not getting darker but lighter, and the holidays.

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These are a huge hit with reader, book club members and people giving gifts to teachers. They were popular at the craft fair. And, people are being so careful with money this year. I am sure it helps that they are a low cost item. Here are some pictures:

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The Quincy After School’s Winter Festival is on Saturday, December 5th. 

* Crafts, Food, Hourly Give-A-Ways & A Raffle Basket & Santa will be there too!!!! I’ll be selling sea glass ornaments, earrings, bookmarks and pendants.

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I hear from many people who have a lot of sea glass but don’t know how and don’t want to know how to make jewelry. What they want to know is how to make the most of the collection they already have which far too often ends up in a bag, a drawer or in the trash after hours, years or even decades of collecting. You don’t have to be a jewelry person or a decorating guru to make it look pretty. Here are some easy and simple ideas. Also, if it’s getting cold where you are (as it is where I am) it’s nice to pull our your treasures and think of the sun, sand and beach. Here are some ideas:




If you have any simple display ideas you’d like to share, please do, and if you give permission for me to post them I will.

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