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More Sea Glass Crafts

Here’s a link to a site where there’s some wire wrapping and some glue use. See what you think and what you style is. I tend to use glue (or non toxic cement) only on wind chimes as I like to be able to unwrap sea glass if I tire of a piece.


For those of you who like more intricate designs and bead work, check this out. To be honest, I’d stop about half-way through and leave some space around each piece if sea glass. But, even with the same directions you can insert your own personality and style.


Finally, here’s a third style. I show all three of these because the techniques are not the same. Do what works for you and the sea glass you are working with.


Also, check out sea glass on the etsy site and you will find countless ideas, can buy pieces for inspiration and see the enormous range of things people make with sea glass.


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Life is Resuming

If anyone has stayed with this blog despite how boring and outdated it has become I have to say THANK YOU! I can’t promise I’ll update it as much as I used to but I can say that with spring here and the hunt on I can’t NOT write.

Last week it was warm enough for my daughter and two niece to hunt sea glass in our pajamas. Right away my daughter found a blue and white marble. Then, her cousin found a weathered bottle neck. Really, this was in the first few moments of the hunt. Now that I have more sea glass I’m not so greedy when I hunt. I want others to find treasures. I walk behind the girls and pick through what they missed or what they didn’t want. How often do parents eagerly stay back so the next generation can taste some joy we feel is a secret they have yet to discover?

Today, as I picked up my napkin and coffee cup from the table where I worked I thought of all the times I left crumbs on the table as a child. My mother would say I left a crumb trail and i didn’t realize the way she knew this is because she would be the one picking up each and  every one of  those crumbs. My daughter doesn’t thank me or think it is grand that I wash her clothes or keep food in the house. She’d notice having NO clothes or nothing to eat but she does not think about the fact that without attention food and clothes wouldn’t be readily available to her.

I have taken so much for granted in my life assuming it to be a birth right. And now that I have been through a life transition I know that good times and bad times, people so dear they seem essential and people yet unmet or imagined can change places. What is a comfort is to cling to and share the treasures. Walking, after breakfast on the beach in pajamas and feeling the sun on our shoulders and listening to the water is a gift. It’s a rare and calm moment in what is too often hectic living.

To pause, and reach for a color and shape not sure if it is rock or sea glass, touching the edges carefully and studying it is a respite. I watch the three girls walk up and ahead, together, planning and chatting and hunting. I hope they will be friends and not only relatives and they will walk together for decades, be comfy with unbrushed teeth, uncombed hair and a day without too many plans. I hope, they treasure in each other, the gems in spirit maybe not yet ready to be plucked or picked up or examined but forming.

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