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There are small bits of pottery shards in one bowl. There are light blue, purple and white pieces of milk glass in a vase. In tiny candle holders are my prized bits of red sea glass as well as a larger bowl with all of the dark blue glass. On the fireplace mantle there is a collection of bottle necks in mostly thick white (all sizes) as well as some blue, brown and green and one turquoise one as well).

These bits of sea glass hanging around my living room as the wind chills through a closed window and the snow accumulates warm my spirit. It’s a harsh feeling winter and the light and bright colors are a boost. I haven’t been creating much jewelry but I’ve been touching and moving around sea glass and it feels good. There’s a pile of sea glass and huge shells together on what I think was originally meant to be a cake display plate.



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I love sea glass. But as most beach combers do, I admire the funky shaped and colored rocks, the huge or unusual shells and the pottery shards I find when sea glass hunting. I’ve kept my pottery shards in bowls. I don’t have the same desire to wire wrap them as I do the sea glass. They often capture an amazing color and other times have wonderful graphics of houses, flowers or scenes once on tea cups or plates. I’ve added pottery shard pieces to wind chimes and jewelry but I’ve been considering making a colorful mosaic table top. Most of the pieces are not completely flat though. Anyhow, I’ve browsed the web looking at what work is out there and what captured me most was the mosaic work done by many artists. Some of these are glass pieces cut by hand and made into paintings. See what you think. It’s inspired me to look at my pottery shard collection with fresh eyes and if I go from brainstorming to actual creation stage I’ll post photos.

http://www.etsy.com/view_listing.php?listing_id=37018520 Treasure Chest









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