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No matter how often I walk the beach near my home I feel a thrill. It’s the same beach except it is not. It has all of the same ingredients it had yesterday but is rearranged by the tide. The rocks aren’t all in the same places. The shells and sea glass and drift wood deposited on the sand are different. 

Is it that way with us? Are the gems that surface daily originals while the core remains the same?

I saw Jill Bolte Taylor last night interviewed by Oprah. She talked about the stroke she had and how it changed her and her life. I thought of her as I found my mind ruminating worry about what might happen later in the day or week, revisiting conversations from the day before. The sand beneath my feet. The ocean air filling and fueling me with an opportunity to start new and fresh no matter what I’ve carried into my day.  She talked about if you are having disturbing or worrisome thoughts you can choose different ones.

I might have argued with the simplistic nature of this statement in the past, might have said, “If you are going hungry are you supposed to think a different thought to get fed?” She’s not talking about abandoning reality or avoiding real-life problems but a new approach for the thoughts that run through the mind when it’s not quiet.

I won’t speak for her. I’ll include the link to her website which has the webcast I watched last night she did with Oprah.

I love the part where she recalls meeting her mother again. She didn’t remember her mother but she felt her mother’s energy and presence when she crawled into bed with her daughter and held her like a newborn.  Her body and mind and spirit felt that energy even though she had no memory of her mother as her mother because she had no memory of herself or her previous life. She even talked about how all of their old roles disappeared and were also gone. What would it be like to approach people, and your own life, completely fresh?

Today, on the beach, I found several purple and white pieces of sea glass as well as pieces of drift wood, rocks and some shells. It’s a new beach. A new day. Are you new today? Am I?

The link to the webcast is on her own website and her tag line is “Peace is Just a Thought Away. http://www.mystrokeofinsight.com/


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