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This is a poem a reader of this blog sent along in the comments section of the “About Me” page. She has agreed to let me share it on the blog with other sea glass lovers.

Sea Glass Blue

Helen Mary
Seeks the blue
Sea worn glass
Beside the pool
Where the tide lays
On the shore
By rocks
Small stones
Sea fairies store
Though green glass glistens
On white sand
By oceans sent
To touch her hand
Helen Mary
Seeks only
Sea glass blue

Egal Bohen

 Thank You Egal for sharing your poem and your passion with other sea glass lovers and for letting me post your piece here.

I also posted some pictures of my recent bookmarks made with cornflower blue and cobalt blue. Many of my blues are are borderline sea glass/beach glass being rough edged and not particularly weathered but strong, solid and striking in color.


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Yesterday, and into the late afternoon and early evening, I had the chance to set up shop at the HULL Farmer’s Market. It was the last one of their new season. Here are some photos taken by a friend who is an incredible photographer. His name is Rob MacDonald. Look at this shot of the amazing sunset first and then ones from earlier in the day of my booth. 








Here is my dear friend Kathy visiting my table while I’m working the market in Hull.

Kathy is also a sea glass artist. Her work is incredible and will be for sale a week from today at the So Shore Vocational School craft fair. Her blog is www.seaglasscatch.wordpress.com and it also details where you can buy her elegant and intricate wire work.  









I will be back at the Hingham Farmer’s next week with all this work (less a few pieces that sold) as well as some new pieces. It was warm enough not to wear a sweater or scarf when I arrived at 1pm. By the end of the event, it was so dark I couldn’t see and my friends were helping watch my daughter, pack tables and chairs and jewelry and I was SO GRATEFUL.

That yellow orb in the sky comes up every day and goes down every night but I had not been paying attention to when. As a new guest at the Hull market I was “green” and didn’t realize a fast pack-up was needed.

Here are some photos I took of my work. They are stiill not all as clear as I would like but it does give an idea of my work.

Catch of the Day: Gratitude for surprise visitors and wonderful friends!



And the final photo was either shot by Rob MacDonald or my daughter who took some photos on our camera. It’s the right photo for closing the post.

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I started this blog a year ago today. I didn’t realize that when I skipped my need for milk and going to the bank to deposit a check because the ocean was calling me. I drove right down to the beach to sit and sift sand and thoughts and write. I love making sea glass art but I was needing to BE at the beach.

Free-Write at the Ocean (for those who don’t do free-writes, it’s uncensored, unedited, don’t-pick-the-pen-up and let it rip writing)

I search for words between white feathers and blue mussel shells. The L shape of my walk keeps my face down. Old, disfigured too I may look from afar. I know my need is to be close to the ground. The ocean isn’t all grace or sanctuary. A cigarette butt litters, the top of a Dunkin Donut fancy foamy whipped drink now only covers rocks. A faded yellow cap which reads, “Catch the Classic Rivalries” is a reference I don’t get but appreciate. I have walked this beach for a year.

I know, at night, the waves and world can be ripped anew, sand and cement rearranged so the base of a stairs is pounded away. The descent, even to this dreamy place, a bit treacherous on wobbly and rusted stairs.

The ocean slurps today. The sea gulls sea. Truck-size tanker boats fill the horizon. The breeze crosses my neck and the sun only seems to shine on one shoulder. Is it what is here or what I see? Is it what’s at my feet or what I choose to concentrate on and collect?

The weathered feathers sit on rocks and weeds. Brittle wood, not drift, waits for the ocean to sand it down. I am blessed by a dark green path of green sea glass leading to white and gray rocks. It is all here, magic and decay. There are broken shells and smelly crab remains, the slimy textures covering trash so gross I won’t claim or clean it and doesn’t that only further the ocean’s neglect?


Light purple, the shape of Florida, and more greens leading me back to the sand, to sit again and breathe. What will I take? What will I leave?


Catch of the Day: Appreciation for anyone and everyone who visits this site. Happy Birthday to this blog or is it Happy Anniversary?

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