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My brother and nephews came over yesterday. It was easy and delightful. I wish my brother lived closer and I knew his sons better. We don’t see each other often but we see each other clearly. We walked the beach searching for glass. He was bitten fast and hard by the hunting. “I could do this all of the time,” he said.

“I know,” I said, “And you can, any time.”

My daughter found a rare orange. One nephew found a thick sea foam green. My brother found a purple bottle bottom. We shared sea glass pieces. We shared the treasure of the best finds. We tossed some back to nature. We chatted about work and life but mostly we just walked and searched and shared the same cloudy sky, heard the same thunder, felt the first hints of rain before the moisture turned torrential. The boys got splashed a bit. Everyone climbed by a marshy spot on the sand.


“It’s hard to stop,” my brother said and I wasn’t sure if he was repeating the words of one of his boys or speaking for himself. “It is,” I said.

“Does it all come back? the glass?” he asked.

“Every day, every tide,” I said though I do think there are less of the huge pieces I found last year, less bottle necks and maybe some pieces had done a tumbling dance for a while and now, other newer pieces still arrive but not in quite the same quantity.


We had frozen pizza, coffee, bubbly water, smiles and giggles. It was just simple, nice and easy. My daughter, easy with my brother, me feeling easy with my brother’s children. There are reasons I chose to live on the South Shore, reasons I don’t regret but there are things and people I miss and so, when the visits are long and lingering, casual and easy, the non-eventful event of just “hanging” I am grateful.

Catch of the Day: The pride I felt saying, “That’s my little brother” to my neighbor who is like a second Nana to my daughter. And that little brother is in his late 30’s, has two children, is over six feet tall. But still, he’s my baby brother for always and I love him and seeing him be a Dad and a sea-glass junkie.


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