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A study came out in today’s Globe citing that two things make adults more likely to develop PTSD:

one is an experience of childhood abuse

the second is a gene mutation

The combination is brutal but I’m gonna have to get my hands on the study to untangle what’s really being said.

Here’s a blurb from today’s Globe:

“Researchers found that specific variations in a stress-related gene appeared to be influenced by trauma at a young age – in this case child abuse. That interaction strongly increased the chances for adult survivors of abuse to develop signs of PTSD.

Among adult survivors of severe child abuse, those with the specific gene variations had more than twice as high a score (31) on a scale of post-traumatic stress, compared with those without the variations (13),” and here’s the link to the full text.


Here’s a link to the JAMA abstract. Apparently, it’s adult PTSD being discussed and the development of it partially caused by a childhood trauma abuse history AND a gene. I’m still trying to understand if children abused and without the gene have the same high incidence of PTSD in adulthood after a trauma.

I’m not a doctor but I can’t see if they teased out if the gene was NOT mutated but abuse WAS present and that reduced incidence of PTSD in adults after trauma. Maybe I’m just not understanding this.

In any case, genetics and environment each and together seem to impact adults after trauma.¬†Interesting. I’ll keep reading.


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