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A friend sent me a great article about writing. To read it all, go to www.hollylisle.com it entitled, “Ten Steps to Finding Your Writing Voice.”
Here are a few gems:

“Style is watching your use of adjectives and doing a few flashy things with alliteration. Style without voice is hollow. Voice is style, plus theme, plus personal observations, plus passion, plus belief, plus desire. Voice is bleeding onto the page, and it can be a powerful, frightening, naked experience.”

“You cannot be a snob — don’t write off any genre or type of book as being without redeeming qualities or lessons to teach you. The more you read, the more you will acquire a visceral instinct about what works for you, and an equally compelling instinct for what doesn’t.”

“If your heart is beating fast and your palms are sweating and your mouth is dry, you’re writing from the part of yourself that has something to say that will be worth hearing. Persevere. I’ve never written anything that I’ve really loved that didn’t have me, during many portions of the manuscript, on the edge of my seat from nerves, certain that I couldn’t carry off what I was trying to do, certain that if I did I would so embarass myself that I’d never be able to show my face in public again – and I kept writing anyway.”

I’ve never read a word of this woman’s work. But now, I will. For the URL bringing you right to the article, go to:  http://hollylisle.com/fm/articles/wc1-6.html


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